AI Maha Desert Hotels – Luxury in a Desert

Al Maha Desert is a part of the Dubai marrakech désert Conservation Reserve, which is country’s first national park. This desert region takes pride in being the home to an impressive herd of rare Oryx. This rare species were becoming extinct around 50 years ago, and the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve took into its hand to save these gazelle-like creatures, the natives of UAE. Now, breeding is done and they are reintroduced into the wild. Today, Al Maha charm attracts number of tourists, for a unique experience with nature. It is one of those destinations, which leaves one spellbound. The reserve is spread out on 225 square kilometers area of pristine desert landscape, and makes for a holiday to remember. One cannot but overlook the panoramic views of Hazar Mountains and charm pervading throughout the place.

Hotels in Al Maha Desert provide with a luxurious and pleasant stay. Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa is the world’s most pleasant oasis located 45 km from the city of Dubai. Amidst the mountains and surrounding dunes, the tourists have experience of a lifetime. Visit the resort, which bestows its guests with a quality environment wherein all your mind, body and soul are refreshed. The resort is world famous and rub’s shoulders with some of the best hotel properties and even has been a winner of National Geographic’s 2004 World Legacy Award for nature travel. It offers a luxurious way to be with nature. One of the elite hotels is a 42-suite luxurious hideaway located in the heart of the desert. Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa allows visitors to stay overnight in the reserve and is the only one resort which does so. The place is perfect to experience the magical beauty of the desert. The resort lets you live the true feel of Arabia, offering a unique desert life experience.

Hotels in Al Maha Desert Resort was conceived and developed by Dubai genius Sheikh Ahmed who as the Chairman of Emirates Airlines. He has made every effort required to make it one of the most beautiful places in Dubai. Very few people leave disappointed, as the resort boasts of excellent facilities, services, and ambience all around. This luxurious resort near the Dubai city is attracting most of the visitors in the city. Everything from the ambience to food and service is perfect, with some of interesting activities on offer. One can enjoy the activities such as falconry, camel riding and archery. A stay for a couple of nights at the resort offer a much-needed antidote to city’s relentlessly fast pace.

Suites at the resort are adorned with fabulous amenities and give an opportunity of living in a heaven even in the desert. In addition, every suite, one will find a wildlife field guide who will let you know the success story of the desert conservation program. The romantic ambience can be seen excelling when the guests start on the sunset camel ride. And relaxing in the plunge pool of the Hotels in Al Maha Desert Resort is an unmatched experience. You will have the same enthrallment while roaming in desert landscape where beautiful white Oryx keep wandering in search for the food. The stunning environment of the place demands a visit whenever one comes visiting Dubai.

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