Pharmacy Technician – Job Outlook and Training

With the current shortage for highly skilled best humira supplier uk technician’s it’s no surprise that all sorts of schools, as well as their online counterparts are offering an ever increasing number of pharmacy technician programs. These programs are specifically geared towards improving the quality of pharmacy technician graduates nationwide who will then help fill in the current gap in need for trained pharmacy technician graduates in the health care industry.

The relationship between a pharmacy technician and a pharmacist is similar to that of a paralegal and an attorney in that in essence the pharmacy technician is an assistant and performs a wide variety of tasks and assignments that are a bit less high profile and that don’t require and actual pharmacist license. In most circumstances, their boss is a registered pharmacist.

Pharmacy technicians duties include a wide variety of duties like: keeping track of patient records, packaging and labeling prescription medication, keeping track of the drug supply, compounding medications, understanding prescription orders, doing inventory, doing the preparation of sterile products as well as billing and crediting the patients while also being able to work with a computer.

Pharmacy technicians can be assigned to various health care settings from hospitals, drug wholesalers, mail order pharmacies, home health care agencies as well as long term care facilities.

The current job market for pharmacy technicians is on fire and is one of the primary factors why more and more people are looking into a pharmacy technician career. The options are unlimited and expected to stay that way for the foreseeable future for a properly trained, competent pharmacy technician.

Of course salaries and benefits vary depending on an individual’s experience, the type of employer and which part of the country the employer is located but it’s clearly possible to make a comfortable living.

Most highly rated and reputable pharmacy technician programs are accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists or ASHP and it’s becoming more common for employers to require that any prospective pharmacy technician be to obtain their certification and license before they will be hired.

Many pharmacy technician programs include some type of hands on internship in a local pharmacy to get hands on experience along with the book work which ranges from pharmacology and medical terminology to human body structure to pharmacology law.

Due to the demand and popularity of night classes and online learning more and more pharmacy technician training schools and course offer flexible class schedules to accommodate not only the young but those already working adults who are looking for a career change.

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