How An E-Bookstore Solved The Problem Of Selling An E-Book

What’s the typical way for a self-publisher to promote a newly created a course in miracles bookstore? Some of the popular ways include submitting to online e-book resellers, creating a direct sales webpage and selling it on auction site.

If that’s the only a course in miracles bookstore the writer’s going to create, these methods are all viable but what if there are more e-books to come? How much time, energy and money the writer could afford to take the e-book off the ground?

That is when an e-bookstore comes in.

For a typical self-publisher who just wants to earn some extra income from creating and publishing e-book, setting up an online e-bookstore is as easy as A, B, C. All that needed of them was to buy a script, register a domain and hosting and get started.

All that can be done ‘cheaply’ nowadays within a few short days.

If you have created an e-book and you’re wondering how to get the words out about it and make you profit along the way, here are ways that an e-bookstore can help:

First, an online e-bookstore is like a website. With a website, you have the choice of promoting it using free or paid method. I understand that many new self-publishers just want to earn some extra income from an e-book offer. I was one of them.

It is a fact that marketing online relatively cost lower than marketing offline. Plus, with online marketing, there is endless flexibility in the choices of method. Lower cost, endless flexibility: that’s the best combination for a new publisher.

Second, online e-bookstore provides total control. As with other websites, the author has total control over the operation and performance of the store. If the authors decided to make the store as a main source of income and ready to go BIG, the decision is entirely up to them.

When it comes to performance, the authors can do their own tracking and ‘tweaking’ on the e-bookstore. That’s means less headache compared to trying to go through multi-layer of decision makers if the promotion is done offline.

Third, an e-bookstore is ‘author friendly’. For self-publishers, apart from the e-book that had been created, to complete the whole package, they need an e-book cover and payment processor.

An e-bookstore already comes with payment processor, for example PayPal. All that is needed was to supply the payment processor ‘user name’ during installation and the store is ready to take payment.

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