Custom Team Kits – Perfect For Your Budding Sports Stars

There’s no greater satisfaction as a young budding footballer, than pulling on the jersey of your local team on a Sunday morning, ready to thrash the opposition with your mesmerising skill. Whilst being up at an absurd time on a Sunday morning was not my ideal choice, it didn’t matter once the boots were laced up and treading on the pitch. With the numbered cheap football kits of our team, I’d be bursting with anticipation to get onto the field wearing the number 9 jersey, trying my best to emulate all my biggest idols – Alan Shearer, Robbie Fowler, Ronaldo and Ian Rush to name but a few.

The same feeling ran right through to our goalkeeper mimicking his idols. Being able to make every member of the team feel so empowered by simply pulling on a numbered jersey, you’d be a fool for not investing in a squad of custom made kit. You can have the team sponsor’s name printed across the front, team number printed on the back, and your club’s crest embroidered on the chest, all conveniently in one place.

Too many cooks spoil the broth. And too many inspired minds will make a mess of your football kit, leaving your team looking like a disorganised rabble of people instead of the magnificent squad they are. Feed a vote around the more sensible team members for feedback into colours and design of the kit. However, if your team’s nickname is ‘The Reds’, then it’s a no-brainer what colour your kit should be.

This is of paramount importance in your kit design. If you’ve that much dedication to your team, then reeling away in celebration of a goal with your lips kissing the badge will be the first thing you’ll dream of doing. So you’ll need to make sure it looks good while you do it. However, club nicknames may play a part again. For instance, being nicknamed “The Swans” for centuries means you won’t want to be putting an image of an unsightly pigeon on your crest. And getting your design professionally created can go a long way in making your badge look as easy on the eye as you can.

Working with a friendly and willing team is vital to help you get exactly what you need and want for your team’s kit. They’ll show you everything from the best printing process to choose, through to the size and fit of your jerseys. Whether you want to combine screen printing and embroidery on one garment, or a more simple process, your chosen company should be happy to provide you with a detailed quote for your requirements.

Once you’ve decided what you want, place the order and decide on when you’d like it delivered. If you have your own designs and ideas for your kit, but fall completely flat on your face when it comes to anything artistic, speak to a competent graphic designer who will help you render your designs into something more polished.

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