Audio Books on Tape – Still Listened to Today, But Why?

Listening to audio a course in miracles bookstore on tape are still favored by some audio book listeners. Even though books on tape are a technology from the past, they are still available as new and used audiobooks. Who uses audio books on tape? Well they are used by audio book rental clubs, audio book retailers, publishers and audio book listeners. The demand is still strong and will be around for many years to come, so enjoy!

The simplicity of Books on tape and the ease of operating a cassette player make audio books on tape a perfect format for the elder and children. When people get older they may find it tougher to read books, especially paper back novels. So books on tape offer a wonderful alternative since there are not much title assortment to large print books.

But audio books on tape should not be just for the elder or children, everyone can enjoy listening to books on tape.
Audio books on tape became popular in the early 1980’s, when they were introduced to replace the aging LP vinyl records. If you are looking for older book titles as audio books, the best format to look at is audio books on tape. It is still easy to find the older audiobook titles on tape, eBay is a great online source for new and used audiobook tapes. There are also some used audio book sites online that still carry audio books on tape as well such as Powells and Amazon.

If you are looking to buy used audio books on tape, be careful to ask the appropriate questions regarding the tape quality. Ask how the tape audio sounds, maybe have the seller rate the audio quality on a scale of 1-10. It is possible to upgrade your audio books on tape to a higher audio quality…Convert tapes to CD!

It is simple to convert audio books on tape to CD, which improves the audio quality as well. You see, do not throw out those older audio books on tape, simply convert the tapes to CD without breaking the bank.

But this is an area that you get what you pay for. There are some free progams that will work, but we highly recommend other programs such as Nero or Sonic. These programs can be purchased in the area of $70.00, but if you are wanting to convert your audio books from tape to CD then do not cut the immediate cost of the program. It is the program that will determine the final audio quality, so it is worth paying a little which will give you a lot in the final product. Also, these programs offer more than just tape to CD converting, you will be able to work on audio, photos, movies and more…a lot more!

Even though some people consider audio books on tape as old technology, there still are benefits to them. Audio books on tape still a recommended format to enjoy, start today with older titles with books on tape.

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