ACIM Bookstore Journey to Uncompromising Love

ACIM Bookstore: During my mid to late thirties I became more curious about the metaphysical world around me. I became a reading and learning sponge allowing me to experience many of the current spiritual authors and philosopher’s teachings. As I was beginning to open up to broader spiritual concepts beyond my Catholic upbringing these new teachings allowed me to feel not so confined to the rules and regulations that my life had been following. I knew my life was not working just by being a ‘good girl’ but I had not realized how robotic I had become in my words, thoughts and actions.

Curiosity turned into a deep passion of finding answers to the age old questions of, why am I here, who am I, what is my purpose in life, if God loves everyone then why is the world in such a mess, etc. The more I read, the more I studied, and the more I read and studied. The New Age philosophies settled on me and for a period of time I felt like I had found all I needed to know. The statement that we are spiritual beings having a human experienced fit the bill perfectly. The concept of universal abundance and attracting all we want in life if we just asked delighted my senses.

Why couldn’t I have it all? All I needed to do was ask, to believe in what I was asking and it will manifest like crazy. Since I was made in my source’s image and source is all about creating then I can create and manifest just like source does. The measuring gage of how connected to source I was determined how quickly I could manifest all my desires. Made perfect sense to me, my guides and angels were there to help, so I made it a go. For quite some time things looked well, I got a new job with allot more money, a bigger home in a great neighborhood and I started dating again.  Life seemed grand, but why was I feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied?

During one of our girl friend get-togethers, a friend asked the group if any of us had read The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard? None of us had so she proceeded to fill us in how this book explained the concepts of A Course in Miracles so when you did read the Course you could understand it.

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