A Guide On How To Gain Muscle Naturally And Fast

Gaining muscle can be a very difficult indeed if not approached right anavar steroid because there are so many factors that you have to get right to pack on muscle. One of the first subjects I shall talk about is steroids. Steroids help the body to recover much quicker giving the trainee the ability to train more often and the result of this is increased strength and muscle mass. When you see pictures of the really huge guys in the bodybuilding magazines, the vast majority of these use steroids to create such massive muscle gain.

You may be thinking that this is the route that you want to take, but be warned it is not all good news, far from it. The reason for this is that steroids will ruin your health and shrink parts of the male anatomy that men don’t want to shrink if you know what I mean. Also they affect your moods and can make you very aggressive, you may have heard of steroid rage. This is when steroid takers go into fits of rage sometimes ending in tragedy. Another huge draw back to using steroids is that when you stop taking them you will lose most of the muscle gains that you have put on.

The reason for this is because you are pumping into your body large amounts of testosterone, so what happens is your body stops making as much testosterone. The result of this is that when you stop taking steroids your body does not have a supply of its own. That’s why the muscle gains that you have got just melt away because testosterone is vital to muscle gain. So in my opinion steroids should be avoided at all cost, because with lots of hard work and good nutrition you can achieve amazing natural lasting muscle mass gains without them.

Now steroids have been covered lets talk about what you need to do to gain muscle naturally. The first part of natural muscle gain is your nutrition, which is just as important as the hard work you do in the gym to gain muscle mass. Protein intake is crucial but the amount of protein you need per pound of solid muscle is not an exact number. Personally I can make good muscle gains eating one gram of protein for every pound of solid muscle mass I have got.

Other people can need up to two grams of protein per pound of solid muscle mass. It’s trial and error really to see how much protein you need in a day. You could aim for one to one and a half grams a day. You should be ok with that amount. Also another crucial part is how much you take in at a time. The reason for this if you ingest more than fifty grams at one meal,

The odds are your kidneys will just flush the excess away and you will have wasted the protein. So stick to no more than fifty grams at one sitting. The best way to eat your meals is another important matter in gaining muscle. You should aim for eating every three hours and in these meals you need to have protein, complex carbohydrates and vegetables.

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