6 Examples, Where Pragmatic Idealism, Might Be Best Approach

While, it’s wonderful to be idealistic, and maintain highest quality pragmatic88, what good does it do, and what is accomplished and achieved, unless/ until, something gets approved, and enacted? We have come, to a moment, in time, and history, where the future direction, of, both, this nation, and the rest of the world, may be, under – siege, and threatened! Those candidates, and politicians, who oppose the direction, rhetoric, ideas, and actions, of President Trump’s administration, must be careful, practical, and somewhat – pragmatic, if they are to regain power, and authority! Their choice is between stressing, positions which crucial voters, many consider extreme (and frightening/ threatening), and winning a significant election. Unless/ until, Democrats gain control of both, the White House, and both Houses of Congress, there will/ can, be little benefit, and accomplishments, which might change the direction, efforts, and stewardship, of the existing occupant of the White House. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 examples, of how, proceeding with pragmatic idealism, may be, the best approach, to achieving the best objectives, of this nation.

1. Medicare – For – All, versus, Public Option: Several Democratic candidates have proposed, and are campaigning, on a, Medicare – For – All, platform. Although, many specifics, are unclear, including: total costs; restrictions; the risks (including, doctors, who may not be willing to participate); how well the Government, might administer; what happens to the hundreds of thousands of employees of current health insurance companies; etc, it seems, potentially, many voters may be concerned, confused, and challenged to support this major change! On the other hand, a more pragmatic approach, may be, to create a Public Option, in order to create an alternative option, and, competition, at a lower – cost, and less controversial manner!

2. Fairer tax system: Although, the tax reform legislation, passed and enacted, at President Trump’s urging, was supposed to help the middle class, the reality was, it mostly benefited, the wealthiest Americans, and the largest corporations! Rather than proposing, pie – in – the – sky, wishful – thinking, might it not, make far more sense, to create a unified approach, urging a fairer tax system, which benefits, the middle class?

3. Political priorities: We must carefully, consider, whether, we will proceed, merely, emphasizing, the ideal scenario, even if it has little, to no chance, of approval, and risks, losing political support, or seeking an incremental, phased – in, approach, which tends to scare fewer potential supporters!

4. Climate change: Instead of emphasizing, slogans, like a, Green New Deal, which, is easily distorted, during a political campaign, wouldn’t it make sense, to clearly, point out, why this is so essential to consider, proceed with well – considered strategies, and actions, and clearly explain the reasoning, rationale, and potential, necessary benefits? In addition, while President Trump, has reduced government efforts, to favor a sustainable future, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, etc, wouldn’t a smart approach, be, to clearly demonstrate, why doing so, is against common sense, and is harmful to the relevant, sustainable future of our nation?

5. Agreements; pacts; tariffs: The smart, pragmatic approach, is to point out, both, the agreements, this President has made, and/ or, supported, as well as opposed, will have ramifications! Abandoning our historic allies, no longer honoring established pacts, and imposing tariffs, as a weapon, are, at the very least, a questionable strategy!

6. Minimum Wage: At the current minimum wage, in a vast number of American citizens, one would need to work, more than two jobs, in order, to merely, pay the rent. While, there is little doubt, a higher living wage, is needed, and fair, in order to get it accomplished, requires, clearly explaining, how this can be done, without harming employers, etc.

What good does it do, if you can’t get, your ideal situation, passed and enacted? A wise approach is to create a true, meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good, in an idealistic manner, but, with a realistic, pragmatic set of actions!

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