Best culinary destinations in the world

If you like food and wish to discover ucdm some fantastic culinary destinations in the world, we are going to discuss the list for you! Adding culinary activities to your holiday itinerary is one of the best ways to experience the tradition of the destination you are in and no place is worth visiting without trying its culinary. We are going to discuss the list of the places that you can go for not only your holidays but also foodie vacations. Travelling and eating always go hand in hand and you will enjoy it. Whether it is taking the experience to taste of Paris frog legs, Sushi in Tokyo or Smorgasboard of Myanmar all are worth trying and mouth-watering.

If you are searching for the next information technology destination when it comes to the best culinary experiences then Myanmar is the best option for you. Burmese or Myanmar meal having slipped under the radar when it comes to the best cuisine of Myanmar.It is also known for its smorgasbord of mouth-watering taste. With influences from China and India, it heralds a special balance of spicy, sour and bitter flavours that are destined to leave you salivating for more. It does not matter at all where you discover in Myanmar but you will get an amazing and delicious soup, noodles, salads, seafood, curries and much more all served with fragrant spices and fresh veggies.

If you wish to experience the culinary experience in Myanmar then Burmese curry is a must-try thing. While the base of the food features curry as a primary element whether it is beef, pork, mutton or shrimp, it also includes a never-ending accompaniment of dishes. From fried vegetables, a tart salad, an array of par-boiled and fresh vegetables and rice you will never regret having a satisfying and full meal. You can also add to the mix your choice of dips, a traditional Burmese sweet, crispy pappadums and you will enjoy your meal.  

Sri Lanka    Located in the Indian ocean western and eastern culture, it is no shock that the island of Sri Lanka is a flavoursome and melting pot of rich culinary delights. It is influenced by geography, the cuisine of Sri Lanka is jam-packed full of texture, spic, full of flavour and cuisine experience. The contrasting flavours of curry, chillies, garlic, coconut milk and cinnamon build a unique combination of flavours. It resembles the influence of Portuguese, Indian, English, Arab, Malay and Dutch immigration.

With so many different textures and flavours, the culinary of Sri Lanka is more about its tradition and customs that have shaped the country than it is about the food.    You are more likely to hear about KottuRotti when it comes to Sri Lanka. It has the rhythmic clang of the khottu that makes echoes down on the streets of Sri Lanka. It is the one among the best culinary that features stir fry-style dish of roti, spices, shredded vegetables, ginger, garlic, meat, that are well-chopped together on a flat iron skillet using metal cleavers. It is more delicious than your imagination.   Paris, France

When individuals plan their vacation or holiday to Paris, they forget that the place is a food paradise although it is located in France. There are different fun-loving things to do in Paris but the cuisine of Paris, France is one of the best in the world. CorqueMoniseurs and Croissants are at Sacre- Coeur and Eiffel Tower. No holiday to the capital of French, Paris is complete without trying the cuisine that makes the country special and unique that includes frog’s legs and escargot too.

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