Zambia African Safari

You are on the highway traveling as usual and thinking you
are enjoying q币充值. But it occurs to you that in fact you
are a tepid tired,Zambia African Safari Articles actually really tired and that you have just
realized that you have been tired for such a long time! Why?
Because you realize that you have had no break in a long,
long time! Voila! You realize that you know the solution.
A break! To recharge your natural rhythms, to recharge
your natural “batteries”. In your mind you see a banner, an
advert you recently saw.


That really already makes you feel like you are relaxing
already, seeing yourself almost getting to feel like enjoying
life again? And indeed WHY?

….. sometimes she is referred to as ‘Zambia…the Real
Africa’. Zambia is sandwiched between 8 countries. From Zambia you can get practically anywhere
in Southern Africa and even far beyond. Zambia continues
to be a haven of peace. With 73 ethnic groups Zambia is
an example of African unity in diversity. Zambia is a nation
teeming with wildlife in its 19 national parks and private
game reserves. It is a land of unspoiled nature with many
wetlands and unblemished forests.

Once there you will get close to nature. You will get the
feeling, the rhythm of pulsating nature, the soothing feel of
close proximity to nature. The friendly people with their
warmest of warm African welcomes will embrace you.
Awaiting you is the embracing unspoiled nature that will
give you the soothing you yearn. Get the healing, recharge
the natural batteries. That is what Zambia Safari Holidays
will do for you!

Zambia is home away from home, where nature and life
slows down to let your natural rhythms refresh you. Allow
the untamed natural elements of the beautiful weather per
excellence soothe you, cares you, recharge you, and make
you feel life anew!

You will enjoy nature. By watching, feeling and being part
of nature. Allowing the healing of mother nature, just like
nature intended it to be. That is what Zambia – the land of
glorious sunsets, friendly people, ancient traditions and
mystic legends, of nature at its wildest and most exquisite
will do for you!

Zambia is a land of the legendary African walking safari and
they did originate here. Zambia has earth’s biggest waterfall,
the wild Zambezi River, breath-taking lakes and wetlands,
a profusion of birds, abundant wildlife, and raw, pulsating
wilderness, …….all in one friendly country!

What constitutes Zambia’s Safaris is its 19 national parks
and private game reserves covering a total of 47,662 square
kilometres. Most popular of
these are South Luangwa, Mosi-oa-Tunya, Kafue, Lochinvar,
Lower Zambezi, Kasanka, North Luangwa and Nsumbu.
And so also are the best accommodation found there.

Zambia’s natural parks are strategically positioned and
cover every part of the country. The largest, Kafue National
Park is centrally positioned but to the west of Lusaka,
accessible by an all weather road. Then there is the unique
dual of North and South Luangwa in the east. Others are in
the north, in the west and in the south of Zambia.

Zambia’s astonishing wildlife includes the graceful lechwe
antelope filling the vast plains of Busanga and Bangweulu
in their tens of thousands; the annual wildebeest migration
of the Liuwa Plains which rivals the Serengeti. See the
elephant, hippo, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, warthog, primates,
antelope and various reptiles and rodents and are common
sightings in the game reserves.

And there are large carnivores too! The common ones seen
in the Zambian game parks are the cheetah, leopard, lion
(the legendary king of the jungle), spotted hyena (‘wild’
strongest teeth) and the wild dog. Smaller carnivores such
as honey badger, African wildcat, mongoose jackal, etc.,
are common sights too.

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