The Rise of the Smartphones in Business Communication

Mobile phones that are available on the planetbesttech currently that can improve business communications are in a vast amount, with plenty of options all suitable for many different applications. One of these options is the BlackBerry smartphone range which is quickly becoming one of the leading phones for business.

If you are looking to stay connected within the business or with clientele outside, you cannot go wrong with one of the many BlackBerry smartphones that take connectivity to another level.

Staying connected within your organisation

BlackBerry smartphones firstly can keep you up to date with everything that is going on via your emails. You can link up to ten of your email accounts to your BlackBerry smartphone, meaning you can stay connected with your home, work and other email accounts all at the same time.

If you have multiple BlackBerry smartphones connected within your business, you can manage each device allowing you total control over the businesses communications. This can be done through the BlackBerry mobile data system (MDS) meaning you are always keeping tabs on all of your devices. Transferring over to these new communications is seamless and is done via the BlackBerry enterprise server which connects your existing network to the system.

These all come with a BlackBerry solution, with no additional software needing to be purchased and can all be obtained when you are looking for the plan for your BlackBerry network.

Social networking sites

There are also no excuses to not get involved with social networking sites that are increasingly important when it comes to business communications. You can access all of your social networking sites directly from your BlackBerry smartphones meaning you can be managing them all while on the go.

You will also be notified whenever there is something new on the sites so you are never out of the loop and always keeping tabs on what is going on in the world of social media. If your business communications also require the use of multimedia devices, BlackBerry smartphones can cater for you too.

With a handy camera, as well as access to your pictures and videos, you can access them all while out of the office as well as having the ability to immediately post them up online.

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