Pregnancy Miracle by Lisa Olsen – Get Pregnant The All Natural Way

The holistic fertility guides are a very safe a course in miracles programs that aims to help couples to get pregnant the natural way. With this article I will talk about the costs of conventional fertility drugs, the health of the baby, and also the safety of the expecting mother. If you have been trying to get pregnant the natural way then this information might be helpful to you.

In our modern era it is very easy to completely forget that it is still possible for women who are having trouble conceiving to actually be successful without filling up on prescription fertility medication. In truth, we have become so dependent on the words of “medical doctors” who prescribe chemical drugs with often very dangerous side effects. Did you know that in 2008 about 1.5 billion dollars was spent on fertility medication? The alarming part of all this is that women on fertility drugs are more prone to have ovarian cancer.

With any medication that you take you always have to worry about the health of your baby but in the case of women who undergo In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) there is usually an increased chance of having multiple births. The reason that this is troubling is that there is now an increased chance that one or more of those babies would have a genetic disorder like cerebral palsy. In vitro Fertilization might be a last resort for desperate couples but the overall good health of the baby is not guaranteed.

The holistic approach has been like a miracle for women who were having trouble conceiving because these natural fertility guides take into consideration the future health of the child and the health of the mother. It keeps the mother very healthy throughout the entire term of her pregnancy through the use of a special and improved diet plan; and also good exercise. Millions of Women have decided to follow the natural route to pregnancy and the results showed that their chances of suffering a miscarriage were greatly reduced.

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