Online editor for photo retouching Pixelmaniya is one of many, but not the same as all

I would like to briefly talk about the photo editor I recently found on the web. It’s called Pixelmaniya. A web version and an application for android devices are available for its use. It seems that they have an application for iOS devices in lip tattooing perth, but this is not certain. The main feature is that all the manipulations with your images are carried out there by real people – retouchers. The service is available 24/7 and it’s great. I tried free services first. When registering on the site or in the application, 20 tokens are credited. A simple retouch costs 5 tokens.

These are services such as butt or chest enlargement, thinner face or lips, change the length of the legs or the width of the arms in the photo, reduce the nose or ears and add volume to the hair. There are many services for 5 tokens. The registration bonuses were enough for me to retouch my four photos for free. An interesting marketing ploy was used by Pixelmaniya. For any first purchase of tokens, they add another 100 bonuses to the balance.

I use simple photo editing services most of the time and the total amount of tokens lasted me for a couple of weeks. But there are complex services in this application. I would like to list them and briefly describe them. The first, very useful and unusual feature is “individual retouching”. When choosing this service, the customer can request that their individual requirements be applied to the image, simply by describing what is needed in words and sending the image for editing. If among the variety of services you did not find what you need for yourself – the “personal retouching” service is what you need.

Next is the background replacement service, a service that is generally often offered on other services, but here you get a very reliable performance. Adjustment by color and light, complete organic integration of the object into the selected background, it is difficult to understand in the end what was really before and what was after. The interface of the personal retouching account on the Pixelmaniya website is perhaps somewhat overloaded with functional buttons and icons. But over time, using the service, you begin to understand how everything is thought out for convenience and logically.

Many services have templates for their implementation. The client can choose templates for retouching the cut of the decollete zone, templates for male and female abdominal muscles, templates for cosmetics of the lips, eyes, blush and shadow, as well as eyelashes, eyebrows and hair in the templates. There are services that add accessory templates such as bracelets, rings, earrings, body piercings and even wristwatches. Of course, there are also templates for tattoos, angel wings, even beards and mustaches in templates for retouching and festive funny hats. At a high level, the performance of works on the restoration of images. This service, as well as colorization (turning a black and white image into color), takes the artist more time and costs the most on the site, but believe me, it is much cheaper and is not inferior in quality to performance than on sites specializing in photo restoration. Photo restoration can take up to three hours. And of course, my favorite service on the Pixelmaniya site is the “clothes removal” in the photo. A lot of fun and exciting moments gives the opportunity to see a person before and after, dressed and immediately undressed. I experimented with removing clothes on my selfie photos, on photos of my friends and acquaintances.

It takes quite a long time to complete this service, but on average they complete it within an hour. Of course, the service does not allow minors to be edited by such services, this is clearly stated in their private police and operating conditions. In general, the online photo retouching service Pixelmaniya captured me and captivated me for a long time. I continue to study the functionality of this site and will definitely share new emotions with you in the future. Really good resource for retouching. Low prices for retouching, permanent gifts for both regular users and beginners. If you edit a lot of photos, then take the most expensive token packs right away, so the retouching of each photo will be even lower.

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