How to Keeping Your Garage Door in Tip-Top Condition

The concrete driveways oklahoma city doors are one of the most important safety features in your home. However, you may take them for granted and thus neglect to service and maintain the garage doors until it is too late and you need to carry on a full-fledged garage gate repair. Thus, to avoid situations where your garage door might be struck when you want your car urgently, take care to keep the garage gate openers in a perfect condition.

Once you are ready with all your safety tools, you should commence your garage gate service by inspecting the garage door springs. Make sure that they do not show any signs of being worn out. If you hear any loud squeaking, take care of it with the help of some spray-on-lubricant. However, if this does not solve the matter, you must call in professional help. Remember that the springs in garage doors are under high tension and as such, it may result in serious accidents and can even prove fatal in certain cases.

You should then proceed to checking the garage gate brackets that connects the garage door cables to the springs. You can adjust these brackets yourself, though some of the newer versions of commercial garage doors may have tamper-resistant brackets, which needs to be adjusted by professionals.

A new garage door may be equipped with sensors that help to prevent it from shutting down when there is something stuck beneath it. There are tiny electronic sensors placed near the ground. You should take care to keep the sensors clear of any debris, so that they can always perform well and keep your family safe.

Check the cables for any frayed ends. If they show any signs of deterioration, change the cables as soon as you can, otherwise this can lead to some major accidents.

Other little jobs like changing the batteries in the garage gate remote control, moving the wired opener around the wall and checking the weather stripping at the bottom of the garage door should be carried out while you are servicing the doors.

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