Hang a Door – How to Replace a Door in Your Home

Replacing a garage door opener repair santa rosa is a great job for anyone with some DIY experience. If your old door is damaged, warped or simply just unattractive then you may want to consider hanging a new one.

1) The first step to buy a suitable door for your frame. Make sure that you have measured the door and know the dimensions needed. You will need to measure the height, width and depth. Doors will typically be the same depth and similar heights but the width often differs.
2) Remove the pins from the hinges on the old door. You may be able to do this by hand or you may need a hammer and a sharp tool to knock them out of position. Start with the bottom hinge and work up so that the door will not fall on you. Once removed the door should fall away from the frame and can be removed.
3) If you intend to keep the same handle and fittings then remove them from the old door and set them aside. Take note of how they fit into the door.
4) Your new door may fit in the frame perfectly but it is more likely that it will be slightly too large. Place the new door on top of the old door and trace around it so that you know how much to cut the new door down by. When tracing consider that you will only want to cut from the bottom and the hinged sides. Position the doors suitably.
5) Cut off the excess. If you need to take off a significant amount then split the difference between parallel sides of the door. If not stick to cutting only two sides of the door. Use a circular saw or, for very slight adjustments, a plane to trim the edges.
6) Place the doors on top of each other again and check that all the sides are flush. Mark onto the new door the locations of the hinges and use a craft knife to score the area.
7) Using a hammer and chisel hollow out the area you have marked out carefully. Check that the hinge will sit in the hollow and that its edges are flush with the edge of the side of the door. Screw the hinges to the door.
8) Place the new door in its frame and mark where the strike plate meets the door. Your new handle should have come with a template, use it to mark onto the door where the handle and latch need to be. If you are using your old door handle then take the measurements from the old door.
9) Use a suitably sized hole saw and spade bit to cut holes for both the handle and latch. Attach both.
10) Hang the door, reinserting the pins into the hinges. It should open freely without resistance.
The new door is now in position. If you are replacing more than one door then repeat the process for the other doors in the house.

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