Google+ Is Giving Facebook a Really Hard Time

The young ‘New-bee’ Business takes a walk alone on the Comprar avaliações Google cyber streets already bossed-around by the giants of those streets. As soon as the New-bee takes the Share Alley, he feels someone is following him. He looks behind and spots Facebook, ‘The Hero’ throwing an angry smiley to him.

He gets frightened and increases his speed and begins running. The alley is very dark and the New-bee recognizes that he is walking along the alley, which is not very well known, to him. The New-bee knows that it will not be an easy stroll down this alley. Suddenly, he sees a shadow and stops there. Who is that now? It is Twitter, ‘The Birdie’, who seems very sweet but has the dynamite of users hidden under it. Pinterest, ‘The Sharpie’ and LinkedIn, ‘The Boss’ accompany the Birdie.

As the New-bee goes deeper down the alley, he recognizes that the controllers of this alley are coming to get him one by one. He tries to move slowly as Mr. YouTube and Mrs. Instagram’s gang now follow him. Is that the end? Does New-bee get eaten?

Not yet. Out of nowhere, something comes out of from the skies above, moving like boss in the social media alley. Who is it? The New-bee is scared and hopes that it is not another giant hoping to eat him up. Who could it be? The newcomer instantly comes and fetches the New-bee and puts him in the safe place.

Who is this Super man? It is our beloved Google+.

You might think of Google+ as other networking sites which take up too much of your time and give too little in return. Well, you are wrong.

Google+ has redefined itself in the social networking world over a period. Now, it has become a name that people can associate their lives with.

Google+ was launched at the perfect timing. It came at the time when it had learned and watched the development and rise of Facebook. Facebook came into being 6 years before Google+ and by that time, many social networking sites have learned immensely from how Facebook has developed itself. This learning experience gave Google+ the chance to be much more efficient, user friendly and modern.

For instance, when Facebook came into being, Tablets or Smart phones did not exist. However, at the time of Google+ they were the most recent trend and so Google+ could integrate mobile apps and platforms from the beginning, instead of trying and adapting to the new trend, like Facebook.

It took more than $550 million to create the platform of Google+ and technology that was required in its development. Even after so much of effort and investment, people were suspicious and reluctant to this new change.

Facebook began adapting defensive strategies to compete with Google+. It began exploring the mobile app market and started its development into it with integrating mobile apps into Facebook. After 2 years of immense competition between these two platforms, Google+ is now accepted as a worthy competition to Facebook.

Google+ has now more than 602 million users and it is still growing. Between June to March 2013, the growth of Google+ was 33%

Facebook is the No.1 networking site but businesses have a great opportunity of social media integration by using Google+ along with Facebook. Most companies are missing this opportunity as they do not realize the market appeal, which the combination of Google+ and Facebook might give them.

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