Getting Started – Dipping Your Toe Into the Social Media Arena

Before you can begin using شراء متابعين تيك توك or any other form media for that matter, as a means for marketing your business, you must be absolutely clear about what you are selling and why people will want what you have to sell them. If you are in the business of selling earth moving equipment for example, you must know exactly what you are selling. I know the answer seems really obvious, when you imagine those huge yellow coloured machines that you see on mines or construction sites. The questions you must answer, is not defined by the features of the physical product or service you sell, but rather by the benefit or utility, which comes from the product or service you sell.

The person, who buys a front end loader is not buying the machine, they are buying what the machine will give them, namely a hole in the ground. When exploring your product or service, ask yourself a similar question. What need or benefit will my product offer my prospective client? Anyone buying a drilling machine is buying a hole, someone who buys a camera is buying a way of storing memories and a professional speaker or business consultant, is selling, specific organisational solutions, which provide people and businesses with HOPE. (See explanation below)

Understanding a simple concept like buying a drilling machine, when your need is really a hole, is easy to understand. More complex products or services, such as professional speaking or business consulting, require more study and understanding. To help you understand these more complex concepts, I will use professional speaking as an example to show you the process.

I love analogies and the one that I feel best describes the role of a professional speaker, as a person, who provides HOPE, is based on an experiment, which was conducted using rats. In this really brutal and cruel experiment, rats were placed in a dark box filled with water. The rats had no way of climbing out of the water and if they stopped swimming they would drown. On average the rats placed in the dark box, survived for around three hours before they stopped swimming and drowned. When the researchers made one small pin hole in the box and allowed a single ray of light to shine into the box. The same rat would survive for between 36 and 48 hours. This really brutal and cruel experiment showed that, when even the smallest ray of hope was present, the rat would keep swimming, ever hopeful of the possibility of getting out of the water.

The HOPE I am referring to, which professional speakers or business consultants provide to their clients, is that ray of light that comes from that tiny hole, which is poked into the box, that tiny ray of light, which allows the rat to survive for more than 10 times longer, than was the case, when no light was present. The astute professional speaker becomes that ray of light to business professionals, providing specific organisational solutions, which provide people and businesses with HOPE, by expounding on-going expansion and growth, which will promote profit and/or development in human capital.

This clarity about the solution or benefit you sell, makes identifying your ideal client and how to differentiate yourself and your products or services (Unique Selling Proposition) a cinch. Identifying who your ideal clients are is the next crucial step in the process of starting your social media marketing and networking campaign. As you know success with any networking or marketing strategy is about utilising your limited resources to leverage the best possible result. The best way to do this is to avoid the “SPRAY AND PRAY” strategy adopted by most businesses, where they create a marketing campaign, spray the message out into the market and hope that someone, who needs what they are selling will get to know, like and trust them enough to buy their product or service.

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